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Stödtelefon: 020 - 33 33 88
Vardagar: Säkrast mellan 08:30 - 16:00

Kontoret: 08 - 531 807 20
Vardagar: 08:00 - 16:30

Faxnr: 08 - 531 807 16


Socialtjänsten -
Botkyrka kommun: 08 - 530 610 00

Socialjouren -
Södertörn: 020 - 708 003

(kvällstid och helger)

Polisen: 114 14

020 - 50 50 50

Medlemsavgiften är 100:- per år
Swish: 123 118 41 67
Postgiro: 34 89 98-6

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The Women’s Shelter in Botkyrka

Our shelter is independent but we have supervized working methods. However, what all the shelters have in common is an emergency helpline where women and young women can call if they need support. All callers can choose to remain anonymous if they should so wish, and no one is registered.

The women’s shelters offer support based on the individual needs and wishes of each woman. It can be such things as a need of talking about her situation and her current relationship or an advice about a police report or a custody dispute. It could also be about being the victim of sexual abuse, either recently or several years ago. The women working at the shelters provide conversational support and advice and can also go along as support when visiting the police, lawyers and social services for example. We do have shelters that offer sheltered housing for women and their children.

To reach us and learn more about how we can help you – call our hotline! The number and further information can be read on the sidebar on our web-page.